Get a Free Whopper 2020

If you have paid a visit at the Burger King, there is a big chance that you may have seen the offer on the back of the receipt where the restaurant can give a free whopper or an original chicken sandwich in the next visit provided you go online and fill a survey about the experience. Here is the process of getting the free sandwich without taking the MyBkexperience survey at all.

Do the MyBkExperience Survey and a Win Free Whopper

Initial Stages of the survey participation

The whoppers and the chicken sandwiches are not free and at the initial stages you are supposed to buy a small, medium or a large order of fries along with a drink to get the free order. But how can you get the Original Chicken Sandwiches and the free whoppers from Burger King without having to attempt the MyBkexperience survey


How does the MyBkexperience Survey work?

The way the MyBkexperience Survey works is that after the completion of the survey the customer is given a code to write on the back side of the receipt. This is the receipt which you are supposed to turn in for the free sandwich on the next visit. The code comes in the form of a combination of two letters which is then followed by a random array of five numbers. For every single customer the first two letters will be the same who takes the MyBkexperience Survey in the given month and the five numbers are always at Random. When the receipt is turned in for a free sandwich, all the employees of Burger King do scrutinize and check to ensure that the first two letters are matched with the said number of Burger King and also sees if those two numbers are common for all the people who participate in the survey for the month. 


What are the variations you see on the code?

The best part is that despite the letter codes having variation from month to month, there is no alternation from year to year. Something better than that is the fact that many tend to observe are some of the letter codes which the Burger King uses every month. The following are codes:


January- BB, February- LS, March- JH, April- PL, May- BK, June- WH, July- FF, August– BF, September- CF, October- CK, November- CB, December-VM.



Let’s say you would like to have a Burger during April. This is the time you get the receipt and on the flip side you witness a code to complete the survey and get a free sandwich on the next visit. For example during April, you would be looking at the code PL. So the Code combination in the back of the receipt could be PL76543 or PL67835. So it’s PL followed by 5 numbers. Now all of a sudden if you happen to propel to May, then don’t panic. Just use the following month code which has a different pair of letters BK for May, followed by 5 numbers. 

Survey solving and getting free food does lure customers to the restaurant, but the initial phase is that people do have to buy the food before they get access to the offer. It’s not just the MyBkexperience survey that lures customers to Burger King Store, but also the tasty food, particularly the chicken whoppers which is loved by the kids and teens. A lot turn up for the survey and does it sincerely for free food access.

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