Burger King Survey Questions

You may have heard of the famous Burger King which is generally termed as the king of fancy burgers that lures people to taste its famous Chicken Whoppers. Apart from this, it is the online survey which entices and brings people to the Burger King, so that at sincerely completing the online survey, you can get a free sandwich on the next visit provided you show the receipt with a code of a combination of two letters and 5 numbers. The online survey on the other hand is quite enticing in the presentation and does induce people to take the survey and give their genuine opinions about their experience at the Restaurant.

Do the MyBkExperience Survey and a Win Free Whopper

Fill out the Date and the time you entered the Restaurant


Important Information to fill out

Upon starting the survey, the first question of the BK experience survey questions demands you to enter the restaurant number that is situated in front of the receipt. For example 76589. Followed by that the customer is also asked to enter the state (USA) or the Province (Canada) where the restaurant is located. For example, there is an option where among states and provinces you have to make a choice. It could be the State of California, Oregon, Colorado of the USA, or British Columbia, Ontario, or Alberta of Canada. You are asked to enter the date and time of the visit. Followed by this, Burger King will Thank you for the participation and guide along asking questions that could sterilize the memory of your experience. 


What do you need to do to get access to the survey?

At the MyBkexperience survey, you will need to have purchased any item at the Burger King and should have access to an internet-connected device and invest some valuable minutes of your time contributing to the completion of the survey and answer questions related to the satisfaction level with the service, facilities, products, employees and also the overall experience of dining in Burger King.


Get a reward code!

Upon giving an honest opinion, you will be given a special reward code that allows you to order one of the three appetizing sandwiches on the next visit to the Burger King or if you decide to order online or via the BK Mobile app in the vicinity of the period post receiving the code.


The main objective of the MyBkexperience survey

MyBKexperience is the authoritative customer satisfaction survey where you can get easy access to https://www.mybkexperience.com/. It is open 24/7 for all participants and will take a duration of about 3 to 4 minutes to complete the survey.

The main motive of the survey is to gather as much honest and objective feedback from the customers of the fast-food chain as that can assist in enhancing the customer experience.


When to finish the survey?

Upon completing the MyBKexperience survey, you can receive a unique reward code; the faster you complete the survey. Be sure to make an effort to write down immediately. It is best when you write down on the receipt and keep it, to receive the prize of your choice. Your rewards could be in the form of the very popular American Sandwiches, like the Whopper, which is a delectable Original Chicken Sandwich. You can also opt for a Croissan’wich. It all depends on your preferences limited among the choice of three best sandwiches of Burger King.


The post completion of the MyBkexperience survey.

All you need to do is to show the employee the receipt with the reward code and very soon your free delicious meal is ready.

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